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A Surprise Santa Visit

It was the end of the day all the employees were tired of searching Santa and his secret gifts. Suddenly with the loud sounds of jingle bells, Santa made his visit and the employees are excited.

Employees were eager to meet the joyful person who presented fabulous Christmas gifts, which brought much joy and laughter to the employees.

Santa went around and engaged all the employees with different activities. Employees had fun with “Santa Claus” & enjoyed dancing on foot tapping to music!! It surely seemed like a fiesta.

Each team made their way to the stage and even took photos and selfies with Santa. Of course, some of the employees were thrilled to meet Santa, hugged and danced with him. The entire day was brimming with gaiety, which completely transformed the corporate monotony. The celebration adorned the office space and added the spirit of Christmas.

The surprise Santa visit gave a memorable experience for employee’s refreshment, enjoyment and the day ended with lots of goodies and smile on the face employees.

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